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My brain dumps is an IQ test website designed specifically for people to test and increase their IQ. We have put a lot of effort on our part to make these IQ tests as useful as possible for the users. You are given a series of questions that you need to answer and in the end, we will send you a list of areas your IQ is good at and what you need to work upon.

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Very Detailed IQ tests

You are not given a few IQ test questions and judged upon that. Infact we give you 20 questions to get a statistically significant amount of data to decide where you exactly stand and what you need to work upon.


You have 30 questions for absolutely free. Infact you can visit our website anytime and directly start answering those questions, you are not even required to create an account.

Transparent and Detailed Reporting

The IQ test report that you get in the end will be very transparent and detailed. You will not only know what all answers of yours were wrong, but will also be suggested on how to work upong your weak areas.

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